Metabolic Renewal

The exhaustive search for a working diet seems to never end. If you’ve tried the rest (and those claiming to be the best), then you’ve likely encountered your share of fads. 

Among the diets you’ve seen or tried, you may have come across the metabolic renewal diet. The creator of the metabolic renewal diet, Dr. Jade Teta, is a personal trainer with a degree in biochemistry. And, Teta’s program is popular for a reason. It is rooted in sound judgment and healthy choices. 

Let’s take a deeper look at metabolic renewal and see how it stacks up when it comes to weight loss.

Boosting Your Metabolism With Hormonal Changes

According to the Metabolic Renewal diet program, a woman’s weight loss journey begins with raising her metabolism. And raising a woman’s metabolism begins with a clear and focused mindset. On this, we couldn’t agree more! 

Other claims about the metabolic renewal diet state that it “improves metabolism, increases energy, helps with weight loss, and revives health at any age.” These claims are likely true to a point. The diet focuses on healthy eating with low carbs and a special workout routine that is especially fine-tuned to women’s menstrual cycles. Though this might sound enticing up front, it may not be necessary to go to these extremes. 

Choosing Another Path to Weight Loss

Instead of basing your eating habits and exercise regimens on your hormones, wouldn’t it be easier to commit yourself to an overall healthy lifestyle? Why opt in for the additional fuss and agita, trying to determine when and how you should change your ways, on any given day?

Women in their 40s have enough to stress about. If this is you, you’re likely in search of something that will last. You want a plan that is tailored to your individual needs, body type, age, and lifestyle. 

Granted, the metabolic renewal diet plan has its benefits. It focuses on boosting your metabolism through healthy eating and exercise. These are key components in any weight loss program. And, it bodes results! However, there are places where the metabolic renewal diet falls short. If you are looking to meet your long-term goal of keeping off the weight, there are other ways to achieve these goals. And, you don’t have to do intensive workouts to get there. 

Metabolic Renewal Workouts

This diet plan organizes metabolic renewal workouts into four phases. These phases are designed to optimize and create more hormonal balance. 

Without going too much into detail, know that the exercises start incredibly basic—they’re intended for virtually anyone. As you progress through the program, the workouts become more and more intense. And all of this is done with the intended goal of balancing your hormones. 

It may be true that a certain level of hormonal balance can shed some unwanted pounds. However, it’s not the ideal way to lose weight. As you progress into mid-life, you want to strive for a healthy, sustainable diet. That, combined with good sleep, less stress, and lots of water will boost your metabolism. Not only this, but it will keep you feeling energized and ready to attack whatever comes your way!

Losing weight starts with healthier choices. Most of our clients are in disbelief when we tell them they can lose weight and keep it off without working out. But it’s throughout clients’ results that the truth is revealed.

So, Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

If you’re ready to ditch the fad diets and graduate to a new level of healthy living, we’ve got the solution for you. Our structured, individualized weight loss program will boost your metabolism and get you well on your way to achieving and sustaining your weight loss goals. Contact us today to try our 10-week course, and you’ll see and feel amazing results in no time!