Weight Loss For Women Over 40

Losing weight, and keeping weight off, can become much more difficult as we age. This is especially true for women over 40. Changes in hormones, muscle mass, and dietary needs can all impact the way our body converts food into energy. These changes often mean that our bodies gain more fat, and then have a harder time getting rid of it. But weight loss for women over 40 is not impossible. What it takes is an understanding of how your body’s metabolism works, and how to speed it up.

Why Women Over 40 Struggle With Weight Loss

As mentioned, weight loss for women over 40 can be more difficult because of natural changes in their bodies. As we age, we tend to become less active. Lower activity levels mean that we are spending less energy, and burning fewer calories.

On top of that, we also begin to lose muscle mass around age 40. This process can slow down metabolism because calories stored in fat do not burn as easily as those stored in muscle. This impacts women on average more than men because men typically have more muscle mass than women, to begin with.

And lastly, our bodies begin to experience hormonal changes with age. This, again, affects women differently than men, and can cause even greater struggles with weight loss. Women over 40 may particularly notice increased levels of abdominal fat, even if they do not experience weight gain.

Fortunately for women over 40, there are some effective weight loss programs designed with these troubles in mind.

Best Weight Loss Programs for Women Over 40

The secret to combating age-related weight gain is not to skip meals or spend hours upon hours at the gym. Instead, the best weight loss programs for women over 40 target metabolism and hormone imbalances. All it takes are a few simple adjustments to your body’s changes as you age. Then, you can keep weight off for good. 

Weight loss programs like the Metabolism Reboot take an informed, science-backed approach to helping women over 40 lose weight. Here are a few of the key principles behind this weight loss approach.

Healthy, Balanced Eating Habits

Contrary to what many weight loss programs may preach, restrictive diets or skipping meals can be detrimental to weight loss. If your goal is to speed up your metabolism, what really matters is choosing the right foods, not cutting back. Lean meats, fruits, vegetables, legumes, almonds, and more are all great sources of energy that are low in fat. Choosing real foods like these over processed foods consistently gives you more energy and helps lose weight.

Regular Physical Activity

While you don’t need to spend hours at the gym with this weight loss plan, some physical activity is required. Exercise on its own is actually an inefficient way to lose weight. But light to moderate exercise, when paired with healthy nutrition, is great for your metabolism. Walking for 30 minutes each day is a healthy way to burn calories without putting stress on your body.

Stay Hydrated

Another key to losing weight for women over 40 is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps our bodies burn calories and operate more efficiently in a number of ways. Just as importantly, when you choose water, you are also choosing not to drink soda or other sugary soft drinks. That substitution alone is great for your metabolism and weight loss, as well as your cardiovascular health.

Learn More About Weight Loss For Women Over 40

If you are a woman over 40 who would like to learn more about healthy ways to lose weight, get in touch with us. The Metabolism Reboot has already helped over 1000 women lose weight the right way.