Weight Loss Over 60

It’s no secret that metabolism tends to slow down as we get older. While this is true, it’s a myth that it’s impossible to lose weight as we get older. Not only that, but it’s possible to keep it off as well. It can be challenging to achieve weight loss for women over 60, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Our clients lose 20-45 lbs on average in just 6 weeks. This is true no matter their age. Here’s how. 

Weight Loss for Women over 60 is Always Achievable

Recent studies have shown that the body loses about 0.7 percent of its metabolism every year past 60. With this amount of rapid change, it can be difficult to keep your weight under control. As if that weren’t bad enough, 60 is the magic number where we begin to lose muscle mass. Our skeletal structures begin to weaken, too. In the face of all this degradation, is weight loss attainable?

Perhaps you’ve heard this from your doctor before, If so, then maybe you’ve been eating healthier and treating your body well for years now. Whether or not that’s true, the time has come to really buckle down and get serious. Your body has carried you through life this far, and it’s simply time to make some viable changes to support it.

The same truths that were held in your 40s and 50s hold doubly now. Eating healthy and making positive choices is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself. 

If you have yet to eradicate sugars, saturated, and processed foods from your diet, what are you waiting for? Replace these eating habits with ones that support your biology and metabolism. Think highly and often of vegetables and fruits. Surely, you have your favorites. Put peas and carrots into heavy rotation. Add whole grains and beans to your meals when possible. Lean proteins like chicken, turkey, and fatty fish are great choices. But when it comes to red meat, try to avoid it when possible. 

Do Weight Loss Programs Work?

The best weight loss programs are the ones that stay with you for the long haul. You’re in your 60s now. You’ve likely tried your share of fad diets as you’ve made your way through life. Have any of those worked? Maybe you’ve lost a few pounds, or maybe you’ve lost even more than a few. But how long did the weight stay off? How many times have you experienced the yo-yo effect of weight loss? If you’re like most women (and men, for that matter), you’re always struggling to stay fit. You’re likely disappointed by diets that just don’t have lasting power.

Attacking Your 60s With Grace and Strength

Don’t let your past experiences own the future. It is never too late to take control of your health. Take in healthy amounts of calcium and stay strong. But don’t go into any of it blindly. Talk to your primary physician before starting any new regimen, or consult a trained expert. 

Drink lots of water to keep your cells nourished and hydrated. Get good sleep at night and keep your mind active. All of these things will increase your body’s level of wellness as you progress into your golden years… which are still a ways away! Be proud of your body and treat it well. It’s been carrying you this far, it’s high time you honored it with a proper, healthy lifestyle.

If you’re intrigued and looking for some extra help, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a 10-week, individualized course that will boost your metabolism and stave off the weight for good. Contact us today for a tailored plan that’s suited just for you.