Weight Loss

Like millions of Americans, you may be struggling with weight loss and staying fit. It can be incredibly challenging to juggle a career, family, relationship, and social life. On top of that, you have to worry about your health, too. The modern American often wants to develop a healthy lifestyle, but will often struggle with the demands that come with it. 

You’ve likely tried everything under the sun. Fad diets, intensive exercise, yo-yo dieting, low-carb, sugar-free, dairy-free – intermittent fasting, you name it. When does the madness end? With the results-driven program at Reboot My Metabolism, weight loss is made simple, the way it should be.

Weight Loss 101

Those who have a history of weight gain may often find themselves hitting an all-too-familiar wall. Perhaps you rapidly lost weight, only to find yourself months later back at square one. The key to successful weight loss is to get down to the root of it all, the root being the state of your metabolism.

Metabolism plays a critical role in achieving the long-lasting results you deserve. Metabolism is how your body converts food and drinks into energy. Achieving a speedy, healthy, and high-functioning metabolism is what drives permanent weight loss. Several factors go into this.

First things first, most approaches try to create calorie deficits to lose weight. Now it is true that you can lose weight by being in a deficit. But if not done correctly it can backfire. The problem is when you attempt to lose weight by eating less and exercising more. Eating less even by itself often causes your metabolism to slow down, and creates more imbalance with hormones. Couple that with exercising harder which signals that you’re stressing out your body more and it’s a receipt for a pattern of yo-yo dieting. 

The major problem with this approach is it ignores the underlying imbalances going on in the body that contribute to weight gain. Imbalances like blood sugars, hormones, elevated levels of inflammation, digestion and more. It often makes them worse. This is why most women lose weight, plateau and gain the weight back. Because every time they do a diet it slows the metabolism down even more.

So instead of looking at how much you are eating or how much exercise you are doing, the first step is to look at what kind of foods you are eating. BY fueling the body with foods that lower inflammation, balance blood sugars and fuel the body with nutrients sustainable weight loss becomes easy.  It’s also important to look at whether you are under-eating or overeating. Either way can be a problem. 

Of course, other daily habits are key as well. Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you over-exercise, or under-exercise? Most habits, no matter how healthy they are, can put your body in a state of stress if done excessively. Your metabolism will thrive when you start to thrive. Often it’s about creating balance and not obsessing about tracking and counting. That makes sense, right? So why do so many women and Americans struggle with successful weight loss? 

The Weight Loss Programs that Work

The solution was never to starve yourself or deny your body essential nutrients. Did you know that under-eating can be just as disruptive to your metabolism as over-eating? This is why we say no to diets. . No more shakes, counting calories, hunger, or fad dieting. 

Did you also know that exercising too intensely can cause more imbalance in your hormones and make you gain weight? Especially if you are already chronically stressed and have hormone changes as you age. 

Our weight loss program is rooted in addressing the root cause. Why is it so challenging to achieve breakthrough results? This is because fad diets fail to address these underlying issues.

A diet is a band-aid solution to a deeper issue. Diets that make you count everything or that never allow you to eat foods you love again, or spend unsustainable hours in the gym might work in the short term. You may even feel fantastic at first. However, they fail to work as long-term solutions. Slowly but surely, you can swing back to your undesired weight. 

The mark of a truly successful weight loss program is that they optimize health in the short term and sustainability and how a person feels for years to come. We’ll have you feeling healthy, vibrant, light, and truly happy of course while you are losing weight, but long after you complete the Metabolism Reboot. 

The Best Weight Loss Diet

So what is the best weight loss diet? If fad diets don’t work, then what does? We firmly believe in a weight loss approach that doesn’t leave you starving or depleted. Say goodbye to shakes and smoothies, counting calories, and obsessively going to the gym. There’s a new wave upon us. One where you’re happy and healthy, and you get to eat foods you love guilt-free!

Addressing the state of your metabolism is where the journey begins. Enliven your body, wake up your metabolic superpowers, and feel great in the skin you’re in.

The Experts at Reboot My Metabolism Can Help

If this sounds like you, then you’re ready for a new season in life. If you’ve tried everything, want to improve your health, and want sustainable weight loss results, contact us today. You can even qualify for a free case study to jumpstart your journey. Health starts here.