About Jared

Let me start by telling you a story…

When she came to us, Mari had given up on ever losing the extra 45 pounds she had gained over the years.

Mari’s experience is similar to most of my clients.

She is a 50 year old makeup artist who is health conscious and active. After years of working on losing weight she was at the heaviest she had ever been.

Mari lost 24 pounds in the first 6 weeks, and a total of 45 LBS in under 5 months.

Yes, she’d lost some weight in the past but always gained it back.

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe, like Mari, you’ve tried everything:

  • Working every day, cardio tennis, power yoga, trainers
  • Calorie deficits
  • Gluten free, clean eating
  • Tried Whole 30, Vegan diet, Keto diet and many other fad diets
  • Tried the latest shake programs and meal bars
  • Even checked blood labs with a doctor – but they looked great and they had no clear plan other than meds

Mari was frustrated, exhausted, and still stuck on a roller coaster pattern.

Like Mari, and like many others, you’ve probably seen your body change as you get older. The stress piles up, and your hormones change.

Mari lost 24 pounds in the first 6 weeks, and a total of 45 LBS in under 5 months.

As you get older, the things that used to work don’t work anymore.

You keep trying, hoping each time that “this time” you’ll somehow crack the code.

But it is always the same roller coaster:

  • Find a new approach
  • Muster up some will power to try it out
  • You see some initial results
  • Then…you plateau
  • So, you work even harder! But…with no results.
  • You get frustrated, give up, and gain back the weight.

Then it starts all over.

I know because I’ve been there too!

Hi, I’m Jared Mcdonald, founder of The Metabolism Reboot.

The reason I want you to discover the freedom that comes from losing weight and keeping it off – and never worry about it again – is because that’s what I’ve experienced.

I’m not one of those people that was always lean and fit and then became a personal trainer. I struggled for most of my life.

As a food addict and life long type 1 diabetic, I finally cracked the code and lost 50 LBS.

I was the heaviest after college when I got married. I was 50 pounds overweight, had diabetes since I was 4, and going through addiction recovery. Even though I was also running 4-8 miles a day and hitting the gym – it wasn’t working.

It wasn’t long after I got married that my wife got sick and we had to get serious about our health. I had to figure out what was going on – and that’s when this journey began.

After extensive research and working with many doctors

  • I learned how to eat the right way to fuel my body and still enjoy desserts.
  • I saw that I didn’t need to worry about calories in and out and killing myself in the gym.
  • I understood that fad diets are only making things worse in the end.
  • I gained a new relationship with food and body
  • I didn’t just lose weight – I learned how to see myself as a healthy person.

My wife got healthy…. and so did I.

And most of all I learned how to address the root imbalances that were causing weight gain.

There’s a “root cause” for your weight gain…and it’s not just a calories problem.

Once my client Mari started our Metabolism Reboot program she thought we were crazy for saying she could lose 20-35 LBS in 6 weeks…which is our average.

She’d hear the promise SO many times before. Why would it be different now? But she was willing to try.

As she went through the program we helped her to uncover and begin to address the root imbalances in her body that were causing her body to think it needed to store fat.

She lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks.

In addition, she felt amazing, had better energy, was sleeping better, that brain fog lifted and she felt in control.

Now, part of addressing the root cause of weight gain is actually to help the body stabilize your weight after you lose it. Too many people just try to push it too hard and too long. You need a little break actually. So Mari took a break and stabilized her weight for a few weeks.

Then she lost another 21 lbs in 6 weeks totalling 45 LBS in 5 months.

For Mari it seemed impossible because she had been working very hard for years to lose the weight with no success… and in 5 months it was gone.

All while eating real food, enjoying her meals, never hungry, not counting calories, taking shakes and she didn’t even have to exercise to lose the weight.

The best part is she now knows what to do to keep the weight off and still enjoys desserts, snacks,travel and can maintain her weight in a sustainable way without having to count calories, starve or kill herself in the gym like she used to.

She also has a new relationship with food and understands how it works in her body. She understands how to work through her old patterns that kept her stuck and to even overcome emotional eating

And this is the common experience of my clients. Yes I want you to lose weight and as fast as possible but the number one goal is to learn to sustainably keep it off.

As for me, it’s been 10 years since I lost my 50 lbs – and I have kept the weight off (even while eating dessert on almost a daily basis!)

Since learning how to do this myself I have now worked with over 1000 people helping them lose on average 20-35 lbs in 6 weeks without counting calories, exercise, drinking shakes, starving or fad diets.

And best of all we help them learn to become the healthiest version of themself, break through old patterns that kept them stuck, enjoy food (including desserts and snacks and travel), all while keeping the weight off and not having to count calories, or kill themselves to maintain it.

It’s possible as they say to “have your cake and eat it too”.

If you want to learn how to address the root cause of weight gain so you can finally lose the weight and keep it off, get started with a free consultation.