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Carrie lost over 50 LBS in 5 months without exercise or counting calories — during a pandemic


Victoria lost 25 LBS in less than 60 days without exercise, shakes, pill or counting calories

Patty Richardson

“[This program] is different, it’s not the typical diet – it’s changing your life, changing your body.”

Cortney lost 45 LBS in 5 months and has kept it off 1 year

“This isn’t just about losing weight. I feel young.. and feel my vitality again and the weight loss happened to be the awesome thing that also happened.”

She had lost weight easily before 45 and then it piled on. She tried everything she knew… exercise, whole 30, intermittent fasting, keto and even tried just accepting my body the way it was. She also had an unhealthy relationship with food. Now she sleeps better, joint pain is gone, got energy back, and feel like she’ss aged backwards 10 years.

Kacie Lost 106 LBS in 9 months

“If you’re working to get healthy and want to change your life rapidly this is the only way”
After having tried everything, she finally gained freedom over her life and weight. She learned how to break through her unhealthy relationship with food, nourish her body, and finally reach her goals and sustainably keep it off.

Karin Lost 60 LBS

Despite having her parents both pass away, constantly traveling and owning a business she still saw amazing progress. She was already gluten and dairy-free, limited sugar, tried keto and more without lasting results. Her autoimmune flare-ups have diminished and her metabolic Syndrome and insulin resistance are gone now.

Robyn lost 53 lbs in 5 months

She has rheumatoid arthritis, but since starting The Metabolism Reboot program, she has not had a single flair up!

Denise lost 44 LBS in 2 months

– Very busy work life HR Director and travels a ton.
– Tried everything before
– Spent hours in thy gym and couldn’t get the results she wanted
– Was told she was wired to store fat.
– Confidence restored
– sleep improved
– endless energy and more

Mariolga Lost 45 LBS in 5 months

“I had tried everything… I feel like you cracked the code”

Always focused on health – tried vegan, whole 30, keto, gluten-free, worked out every day, anything she could do be healthy but was gaining weight. Now she’s lost the weight and knows exactly how to eat and keep the weight off.

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