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Success Stories

What People Are Saying About Us

Carrie lost over 50 LBS in 5 months without exercise or counting calories — during a pandemic
Victoria lost 25 LBS in less than 60 days without exercise, shakes, pill or counting calories
"[This program] is different, it’s not the typical diet - it’s changing your life, changing your body."

Kristie lost 16 lbs in 6 weeks

Kristie had healthy habits going into the Metabolism Reboot Program and still lost 16 LBS in 6 weeks.

Bre'Anna and Marie lost 57 lbs and 38 lbs

Bre’Anna and Marie (Mother – Daughter) lost 57 and 38 LBS each.

Their symptoms, poor energy – IBS – daily headaches for 20 years – Diet coke addiction for 25 years – Acne – Joint and back pain are ALL GONE and more. They both feel amazing. Both are at their high school weight and have never felt better.

Lisanne lost 67 LBS in 8 months

Lisanne had tried everything with no permanent results 

-Got to a weight that she hasn’t been in years – a pant size she’s NEVER been – energy is through the roof – her breath is no longer bad – gas no longer smells and the best part is she has her confidence back. She EVEN started dating again after 5 years

Robyn lost 53 lbs in 5 months

She has rheumatoid arthritis, but since starting The Metabolism Reboot program, she has not had a single flair up! 

Denise lost 44 LBS in 2 months

– Very busy work life HR Director and travels a ton. 
– Tried everything before
– Spent hours in thy gym and couldn’t get the results she wanted
– Was told she was wired to store fat. 
– Confidence restored
– sleep improved
– endless energy and more

Silvia Lost 56 LBS in 6 months

– Got off metformin- Improved energy and sleep in less than 6 months
– has PCOS
– insulin resistance and tried many different approaches since she was 13 without permanent results

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