Boost Your Energy Naturally with These Three Techniques


It seems like every day, more people are exhausted, running on fumes, and have had one too many cups of coffee. In 2021, energy drink sales reached nearly fourteen billion dollars in the United States. Despite the popularity of coffee and other energy-boosting drinks, they aren’t that great for your health. Natural alternatives to boost energy are vital to your body’s health. 

Energy boosts should not come with large amounts of caffeine or sugar. Both of these will lead to an extremely unfortunate energy crash that will leave you feeling drained and out of it. Here are three ways to help boost your energy naturally without the risk of crashing later. 

Boost Energy with the Power of the Sun

Get out in the sun early in the day. Even if you have to stand outside your front door for a few minutes each day just to soak up the rays. Get it in your face and let it touch as much of your skin as the season will allow. 

Direct exposure to sunlight drastically affects your dopamine levels. Dopamine is not just the feel-good hormone in your brain. It strongly affects your drive and motivation, which is essential for giving you energy throughout the day. 

Many people are concerned about sun exposure due to the risk of cancer and other skin damage. You need vitamin D to function properly, for which some sun exposure is good, necessary even. Sunscreen can interfere with your skin’s ability to create vitamin D. People who get daily moderate sun exposure tend to have stronger bones, better sleep, improved mood, and a healthier immune system.

Get an Energy Boost with Electrolytes 

Drink electrolytes every morning.  Electrolytes are water-soluble minerals that are essential in helping your body function such as sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, and bicarbonate. They improve your digestion, boost your immune system and lower stress and anxiety levels, which are huge energy killers. 

Electrolytes are essential for proper nerve function and maintaining an acid/base balance in your body. They are also an important part of keeping hydrated. You are likely to need more electrolytes in a situation where you are sweating more than usual. We lose these minerals through our sweat, blood and urine. Keeping them properly replenished is essential for energy and proper body function. 

How to Boost Energy with a Hot/Cold Shower

A shower that rotates between hot and cold in the morning will get your blood pumping and your energy up. In some circles, this is called hot and cold hydrotherapy. The belief is that the practice stimulates the lymphatic system by causing it to expand and contract with the temperature change. It pushes the lymphatic fluid through the system to avoid stagnation and eases inflammation. 

The therapy is also supposed to gently detox the muscles by encouraging them to flex and relax with the different temperatures. It has the bonus of improving your mood and focus, which is a great way to start the day. 

To get the benefits of the therapy as you shower, do hot for ten seconds then go cold for twenty. Each time you switch temperatures make the cold a little colder and the hot a little hotter. Repeat that whole process for five minutes straight each morning. 

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