One of the things that continuously inspire our work at the Metabolism Reboot is the happiness of our clients. Our clients’ successes are what make this program revolutionary. 

Mainstream weight loss programs would have us believe that restriction is the only way to lose weight. However, through this weight loss case study, we see that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Our client Kristie lost 20 lbs in just 6 weeks. She transformed her life from the inside out, and she didn’t have to restrict herself to do so.

Weight Loss Case Study: See Kristi’s Success

Kristie is not unlike many of the women that walk through the doors of the Metabolism Reboot. 

Kristie is a mother, a wife, and a business owner. She was chronically stressed and had a lot of spinning plates to balance. She managed her business, made time for her kids, and also dealt with her husband getting sick. Due to the accumulated stress, her body responded accordingly, as anyone’s body would. 

Kristie started to gain a lot of excess fat in her belly and midsection. 

Like many women, weight gain is a means of protection when the body is in survival mode. Fat stores in the midsection, lower belly, thighs, buttocks, and sometimes neck. 

Kristie tried nearly everything to shed the extra pounds, she went on a plant-based diet, cut out sugar, and also cut out processed foods. But no matter what she tried, she just wasn’t losing weight.

She was pretty skeptical of the Metabolism Reboot before joining the program. Because she was already eating pretty healthy, it was hard for her to believe that anything would change. In just a short amount of time, the excess fat was virtually gone.

You can see the difference in not just her body, but also her demeanor. She appears more energized, happier, freer, and far less stressed. Kristie’s success story is indicative of the thousands of women we’ve guided along the way.


How Kristi lost 20 LBS in 6 weeks without shakes, pills, counting, exercise or starving. #menopause #metabolism #thyroid #vegan


Why Other Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work

Most of the women who join the Metabolism Reboot have tried dozens of other weight loss programs. Even if they’ve lost weight before, they usually gain it right back. This vicious cycle keeps women trapped in a loop of endless dieting. 

So what sets the Metabolism Reboot apart from other programs, and why don’t other programs work? 

Shakes, Pills, and Starvation Don’t Work

There are no shakes, pills, dieting, or counting calories in the Metabolism Reboot. 

Much like Kristie, women who are chronically stressed gain weight for protection. Adding meal replacements or mystery pills into the mix will ultimately create more stress. 

What sets our program apart from other fad diets or methods is we feed our clients real food. Consistent whole-food nourishment is key when it comes to metabolic functioning and weight loss.

Exercise Doesn’t Work

Most programs encourage their clients to work out incessantly in order to lose weight. 

Believe it or not, exercise usually produces adverse effects. It creates more stress and more hormonal imbalances, and it doesn’t help you shed pounds. We don’t incorporate exercise into our program until the body feels absolutely safe to do so. 

In order to restore metabolic functioning, you need to give your body a break. This is why we don’t exercise in the Metabolism Reboot.

Find the Best Weight Loss Program for You

The best weight loss program is the one that gives you your life back. Don’t just lose weight only to gain it back in a few weeks. 

Start making sustainable lifestyle changes today. If you’re ready to experience the same results as Kristie, reach out to one of our team members today. 

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