Case Study: How She Lost 50 Lbs in Under 5 Months at Age 50


At Metabolism Reboot, we love to inspire people with our success stories. It is our client’s and their success that make our program so important. Traditional “eating less and exercising more” thinking doesn’t work for weight loss for a lot of different reasons. People who use these methods to lose weight struggle to do so, and when they do, they often gain it all back.

With Metabolism Reboot, we are offering a different, more permanent solution. In this case study, you can see how effective that solution is. 

Carrie, one of our clients, lost 50 pounds in under 5 months at age 50. She completely transformed her life without extreme dieting or strenuous exercise.   

Weight Loss Case Study: Carrie’s Success Story

Carrie, is a middle aged business owner who owns her own business. She travels a lot both for business and loves it. But because of all her travel, she gained a good amount of weight and didn’t know where to turn to start getting rid of it. 

She never struggled with her weight as she was growing up. It wasn’t until she had four kids and was a little older that she struggled with keeping the weight off. 

She tried everything when it came to losing weight. She even tried several different types of diets including Atkins, diet pills, clean eating, and so on and so on. Carrie had marginal success with each program but always ended up gaining the weight back eventually. 

Exercise didn’t come easily either. In fact, exercise became an issue of pain and guilt for her. Carrie had gained enough weight that the extra pounds were putting too much pressure on her knees, causing pain. This made it harder to exercise. She pushed through, continuing to get up and go to the gym at five every morning, but seeing minimal results. The lack of progress made her feel guilty for not working hard enough. 

No matter what she tried, Carrie never found any permanent results. She became frustrated knowing that nothing was working. But she wanted to still be around and mobile when it came time to be a grandma, and the weight was going to make that difficult. 

She visited a doctor that told her to lose fifteen pounds in the next year. But all he gave her was the traditional weight loss advice. 

Working with Metabolism Reboot, she will be going back to that doctor having lost fifty pounds in half the allotted time. All of that weight came off without calorie counting or harming her knees further with exercise. 

A Difference From Other Weight Loss Programs

One of the things she has noticed about working with Metabolism Reboot was the quality of the food. She says that the rules of the other diets she followed never made sense and she always craved sugar. 

With this program, everything makes more sense, tastes great, and she doesn’t have cravings. 

Carrie doesn’t have to worry about always feeling hungry or deprived while she eats. Sometimes, it even feels like too much food. 

This is a huge change from all the other methods she has tried. It has transformed her thought process on how to handle her weight and stay healthy. 

The upkeep process is simple. She has already seen her weight fluctuate up and down a few times due to vacation or holidays. Luckily, with our program, the weight came right back off. This is a long-term solution she can stick to and keep her results permanent. 

Find the Best Weight Loss Program for You with Metabolism Reboot

If you have tried diet after diet and still feel like you aren’t making progress, contact us today to learn how Metabolism Reboot can help you make a real change. 

Learn about sustainable weight loss without extreme dieting or exercise with Metabolism Reboot. We teach you how to reboot your metabolism to promote permanent weight loss. Schedule a call to learn how to rebalance your hormones and reduce inflammation.