Can you eat junk food and still lose weight? This is a question many of us ask ourselves, and up until now, it seems like the answer has been a resounding “no”. Junk food and losing weight just didn’t seem like they could go hand-in-hand. But that’s not actually true. 

Because we’re only human, we need to give ourselves room to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. You don’t need to entirely cut out foods like chocolate, chips, cake, brownies, or pancakes to lose weight. 

When we share this with our clients, a lot of them are shocked. That’s because it pretty much goes against everything they’ve been taught before. 

But there’s a key to eating junk food without any of the weight gain. Here’s our secret.

It’s Possible to Lose Weight and Eat Junk Food

The problem with most brands of junk food is that they’re loaded with tons of harmful ingredients. Toxic, inflammatory, and processed ingredients are extremely detrimental to your health. 

On top of that, these processed foods also make it almost impossible to lose weight. They impact your hormones, blood sugar levels, and of course, your metabolism. 

Some brands that contain toxic hydrogenated oils and might be in your pantry right now are:

  • Lay’s Chips
  • Doritos
  • Ben & Jerry’s 
  • Haagen Das
  • M&M’s
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Countless others

When we’re stressed and in need of comfort, it’s easy to reach for these inflammatory foods. That’s because our body is in need of easy fuel. Craving loads of sweets and salty foods is actually a natural response when our body is in need of nutrients. 

However, when you already maintain a healthy, balanced, and nutrient-rich diet, junk foods won’t cause weight gain. How? By choosing better brands of junk food.

Best Ways to Lose Weight: Choose Different Brands

One of the best ways to lose weight is to buy different brands of snack foods. There are easy replacements for the junk foods we’ve come to know and love. 


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Many of these junk food replacements taste the same, perhaps even better, without any of the processed oils. Try opting for these brands next time you want to reach for something salty or sweet:

Chips and Salty Snacks

Boulder chips, Siete chips, and other whole-food snacks are cooked in higher-quality oils than competing brands. 

These snacks are cooked in avocado oil, olive oil, or coconut oil, which means they won’t harm your body. You’ll feel better, won’t gain weight, and you’ll satisfy your craving for something salty. 

Chocolate and Candy

Big-named candy brands like Reeses, M&M’s, Snickers, and other candies contain artificial sugar and other processed ingredients. When it comes to cravings for these sweet treats, you can choose better options. 

Brands like Unreal, Justin’s, or Free2b are cooked with less inflammatory ingredients. There are no artificial chemicals in these snacks, and they also won’t spike your blood sugar.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is a simple pleasure in life. Unfortunately, most of the brands out there contain processed ingredients. These brands do more harm to our bodies than good. So what do we do next time we’re craving the creamy sweetness of ice cream? Reach for a brand like Coconut Bliss. 

There are dozens of flavors to choose from to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are no processed ingredients, and you won’t know the difference compared to harmful brands!

What to Eat to Lose Weight

Choosing the right foods to eat is a crucial part of a successful weight loss journey. 

In our program, we create an extensive list of “healthy” junk foods for our clients to indulge in. There’s no restriction, but there are also none of the toxic ingredients found in major junk food brands.

If you’re struggling to discover what to eat to lose weight, contact us at the Metabolism Reboot. Our comprehensive 11-week coaching program delivers the results you crave. There’s no calorie counting, no restriction, no exercise, and no fad dieting. We eat real food and see real results.