Five Rules for Losing Belly Fat Permanently


Fat is a natural and important part of the body, and that comes from the way we evolved to survive in harsh conditions. However, the problem occurs when there is too much of it. All good things can become bad in excess, right? 

To stay healthy, it is important to lose belly fat with safe and proper methods and do it permanently. Because everyone we make and gain weight it causes more imbalance and bigger issues making it harder to lose. The problem is, belly fat is notoriously stubborn and difficult to lose. Part of the reason it’s so stubborn is that people don’t realize that often the way they are trying to lose belly fat is actually making the problem worse. linstead of better. I’ll explain more about this later. 

It is essential to take care of your body in the right ways to boost your ability to live a long, happy life. Let’s take a look at five things that are important to know about permanently losing belly fat. 

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat #1: Change Your Focus

Most people force themselves through diet and exercise in an attempt to lose weight. This approach actually is what causes the problem to get worse over time. In reality, that’s not where your focus should be. Your focus needs to be on getting healthy instead of losing fat. 

Excess exercise and calorie restriction put your body into survival mode, making it cling to fat instead of losing it. Our bodies have a hard time telling the difference between calorie deficits and starving in a famine. You can’t lose weight permanently when your systems are in survival mode protecting against supposed famine. Sure you can always force your body to lose some weight and we hope that it’s fat but usually it’s a combination of fat and muscle. But because you’ve stressed  your body out more through a self imposed famine which slows your ent simian down and your body now feels like it has to store more fat and prepare for the next famine. Which causes you to gain the weight back plus some. So unfortunately, we think we’re doing something good but in the end it’s making the problem worse.  

By focusing on getting healthy and fueling your body with nutrient dense food it helps your body work properly and allows it to let go of the fat instead of holding onto it. 

Food and Drink Rules

Focusing on what you eat and eating  and drinking the right foods, as opposed to cutting down and focusing on how much you eat is the key to getting healthy. This is especially true for women as they age and hormones change.. You don’t have to resort to starving yourself or banishing your favorite snacks to make sure you lose the fat. 

2. Drink Water

While most people know that water is essential to survival, did you know it’s also essential for burning fat? Water is a crucial factor in one of the first steps in metabolizing fat. So if there’s not enough water, there’s no fat burning. 

Additionally, dehydration is also often mistaken for hunger. If you keep your body well hydrated, you may be less tempted to snack when it isn’t necessary. 

3. Focus on What to Eat Instead of What not to Eat

When you focus on what not to eat and dieting, it often only makes you feel deprived. People by nature want what they can’t have. 

Instead of focusing on restriction, focus on what you should eat to properly fuel and nourish your body. Focusing on anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, and nutrient-dense foods is the key. The reason why is inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and unbalanced blood sugars are three of the major factors in why our body stores fat. 

These types of foods are best in their all-natural, whole-food state. We can’t always avoid processed foods but if we can our bodies will thank us.Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats should be your main focus when eating. 

Grains, legumes, and dairy are great as well but keep in mind, they are often grown or prepared wrong and are very processed which can cause major imbalance in the body making it hard to make weight and maintain it. Having someone help you navigate which foods are best for you can be critical in reaching your goals.   

Also focusing on finding organic, non GMO and minimally processed foods to eat does make a difference

Take into account how certain foods make your body feel. Many people’s systems cannot handle certain foods and cause reactions and sensitivities which contribute to problems with inflammation in the body making it harder to lose and maintain weight.  

4. Stop Exercising to Lose Belly Fat

Many  people think the best way to lose belly fat is with exercise. And there’s no doubt that there are immense benefits to Exercise. 

What it doesn’t do, however, is help you lose belly fat . If you push too hard, it actually adds stress to your body, forcing it to go further into survival mode and create more imbalance with stress hormones. From then on, it’ll become more difficult to lose weight.and even from a calorie burning perspective it’s incredibly ineffective at burning fat and losing weight.  

Exercise is great for your mental health and has many other benefits, but it’s not going to help you lose weight especially that belly fat long term. . Instead, focus on nutrition. Giving your body the tools it needs to thrive will promote healing and help ease it out of survival mode. Once you’ve lost the weight, exercise needs to be a daily part of your life and is a critical tool in helping you maintain your weight. 

Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat Rule #5: Stop focusing on  the Scale

When you are following the first four rules, you should expect to see fluctuation in your weight. That’s normal and encouraged. It will trend down but along the way there will be ups and downs.. For that reason, it’s important to not focus on the numbers on the scale as the thing that determines success and instead focus on the daily actions as what determines if you’re being successful. A great example of this is brushing our teeth. Most people do not focus every day on the end results of not getting cavities instead they focus on flossing and brushing their teeth daily. Knowing that if you brush and floss daily the end outcome you will have a great chance of obtaining the end you want to see.  

If weighing yourself every day is causing you stress because you’re not seeing the results you want, that’s a good sign you’re putting the significance on weight rather than health. Instead shift the focus that the scale is just data. It’s just information. It’s when we get too wrapped up in the numbers and lose focus of health that the scale makes us frustrated. . 

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