How to Not Gain Weight Back


A common issue that women struggle with in their 40s and 50s is weight loss. There are lots of diets out there that encourage women to cut calories by eating less. They lead you to believe that paying strict attention to how much you eat will result in weight loss. While it’s true that these fad diets can cause your body to cut weight fast, most people gain weight back over time.

This weight gain often leaves women feeling confused, dejected, and hopeless. When weight loss “gurus” are asked why their diet plan didn’t work long term, they will tell you to just “stick with it”. 

The Metabolism Reboot has worked with thousands of women over 40 with and without menopause. On average, our clients lose 20 to 45 pounds in 6 weeks. What makes our program stick out is that our focus is not simply on losing weight, but keeping it off sustainably. The solution starts with educating yourself about nutrition. 

Why Do You Keep Experiencing Weight Gain?

The number one reason why most women experience weight gain is simple; they don’t understand what food is doing to their bodies. They’ve been trained to focus on “how much” they should be eating rather than “what” they’re eating. 

Tracking calories, macros, and points is just a distraction that fad diets have pumped into your head. These sorts of habits end up leading women to skip dinner and eat ice cream instead, followed by attempting to “burn it off” in the gym tomorrow.  

While it’s true that you can lose weight from these diets, over time, it creates an unhealthy pattern. This sort of disordered eating doesn’t educate women on what food is actually doing to their bodies. When you understand what the food does to your body, you aren’t as worried about how much you’re eating. Instead, you’re concerned with what types of food you are putting in your body. Learning more about proper nutrition shifts your mindset toward questions like, “Are these foods promoting my health or harming me?”. 

Having a clearer understanding of what healthy eating looks like, you’ll realize that you can eat more without worry. It will allow you to eat chips, crackers, desserts, snacks, and more and not stress that it’s going to harm your body or cause weight gain. You won’t need to worry that you’ll have to burn it off in the gym the next day or fit it into your calories or macros. 


How to not gain weight back

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Menopause Weight Gain: How to Manage Your Weight

At the end of the day, it’s not about calories, macros, or points. It’s about understanding how food and nutrition work in your body. What does the food you eat do to your cells? Does it promote health or disease? Do they function properly? No matter how much weight you’ve lost on caloric deficit diets, you’ll gain it back without proper understanding. 

Those that experience menopause weight gain don’t understand the impact that food is having on their hormones. Hormone imbalances can throw your system out of whack, leading to all sorts of physical challenges. Eating processed, unhealthy foods can make the menopause process even more challenging, leading to further weight gain.

Instead of focusing on how much you’re eating, focus on eating real foods such as healthy proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils like olive oil, legumes, and nuts. Keeping weight off begins with healthy habits. The healthiest habit you can develop is fueling the body with real and natural foods. 

The Metabolism Reboot: How We Can Help

Are you struggling to lose weight? Or have you successfully lost weight, only to gain it right back? The Metabolism Reboot is a program designed to bring your body back into balance. Rather than depriving your body of healthy nutrients in order to shed pounds, we focus on creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. In turn, weight loss will become a byproduct. 

Are you ready to lose weight, keep it off, and feel great doing it? Schedule your Metabolism Strategy call today!