Metabolic Reset: How to Do It Safely


Most people struggle to get the weight loss results they want because of the way their metabolism works. With a full metabolic reset, you can get those weight loss results you want without starving or overworking your body. Today we’ll discuss how to reset your metabolism safely.

How to Reset Your Metabolism: Asking the Right Questions

When looking at how to reset your metabolism, it’s important to consider the actual question you’re asking. Are you asking how to lose weight, or why your body is storing fat? Reevaluating this approach is the first step to resetting your metabolism.

“How Do I Lose Weight?”

The traditional answer to this is through diet and exercise. Rationally, it makes sense to think that more diet and exercise leads to more weight loss. However, that isn’t always the case.

Working out to lose weight can be like trying to revive a dried-out rose bush by plucking its petals. Instead of addressing the root cause of the problem (lack of water,) you’re focused on the symptom (the dried-out petals). As this goes untreated, the problem will only get worse.

“Why is My Body Storing Fat?”

If you’re struggling to lose weight you’re likely asking yourself, “why is my body storing fat?”. This question, less frequently asked, is one worth considering. Your body is not aware of the conscious decisions you’re making. It is aware, however, of the strains of diet and exercise.

If you are working out a lot and starving yourself, your body will instead generate resources to better survive that strain. One of the most convenient resources for it to generate is fat. The more stressed you are, the more your body will generate to cope.

To continue the rosebush analogy from earlier, this question is focused on the root cause of the problem. If your metabolism is overworked and underfed, it will not be working with you to deplete fat storage.


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How to Reset Metabolism

The best way how to reset metabolism and lose weight is not to focus on losing weight. This may seem paradoxical; logically, one wanting to lose weight would try to lose it.

Weight gain is just one symptom your metabolism is in need of a reset. Other symptoms of this larger problem include low energy and joint pain.

What Causes a Slowed Metabolism?

A slowed metabolism is caused by stress. Stress sends signals to your body to slow your metabolism. It then causes these symptoms and more, including inflammation and hormone imbalances.

This fat especially accumulates on the torso region from your chest to around your knees. Anyone who has tried to lose weight from around this area particularly knows how stubbornly it can stay on.

Why Dieting and Exercise Can Give Mixed Results

In trying to gain weight, the body can be put under more stress. This increased stress can encourage your body to retain some of the fat you’re trying to burn off. Your brain and body are not consciously aware of your desire, only the physical strain it’s being put under.

The body’s response to stress like this is not to shed pounds, but to keep them. A lack of food will make the metabolism slow in anticipation of fewer resources. Increased exercise will make your body prepare and anticipate the strain. Put under this stress, your body will gain the weight back, and possibly more.

The Metabolism Reboot program focuses on the root cause of this stress and how to reduce it.

Talk to a Metabolism Reboot Expert About Your Metabolism Reset

Using the Metabolism Reboot system, many people have found weight loss solutions. This includes women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, who often struggle the most with losing weight and keeping it off. Some of these women have seen weight loss of twenty pounds or more after trying our method. 
If you’re ready for a full metabolism reset of your own, schedule a call with one of the Metabolism Reboot’s experts today. They’ll help put together a plan that will work WITH your metabolism, not against it.