The Truth About Metabolism: There’s More to Weight Loss Than Calories to Reset Your Metabolism


In this article, you will learn why the common approach of calories in and calories out hasn’t worked for you. We’ll also dive into the real reason you gain weight and how to reset your metabolism so you can lose weight permanently.

Part 1: The Truth About Metabolism: There’s More To Weight Loss Than Calories

In our quest for a healthier and fitter body and to shed those pounds, we often fixate on our metabolism.

Many often think that a fast metabolism is the key to weight loss.

But here’s the truth: metabolism alone isn’t the sole culprit behind weight gain, nor is it the one key to losing weight permanently.

To truly unlock your body’s potential, we must understand how our metabolism REALLY works and that it’s only part of the picture.

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We must also understand that your age is not the reason you have a slow metabolism and are dealing with weight gain, sleep problems, joint pain, low energy, or brain fog.

Why You Gain Weight – Your Body Is A Tree

In order to understand how the metabolism works, and even more so how to lose weight, you have to understand this analogy.

The Tree

Your body is like a tree. If we want a healthy vibrant tree we have to make the roots healthy. If the leaves on the tree start to wilt and turn brown it’s not often the leaves that are the problem. There’s usually something deeper happening at the roots. If you’re not watering it but you’re trying to make the leaves look better, it will never work long-term.

No matter how hard you try to improve how the leaves look, without water it’s not going to work.

Now let’s apply this to our weight and metabolism.

Too often in the health and fitness world, we look at weight or belly fat as the problem.

Or even that we have low energy, brain fog, joint pain, sleep issues etc thinking that these are all individual problems.

Not realizing that first that weight gain and poor energy, sleep issues, joint pain etc. are all connected AND they have the same root causes.

So if you address the root issues, not only do we lose weight but other “symptoms” we may be having can start improving as well.

This isn’t always the case if you’re just losing weight. If you are losing weight the wrong way you can make sleep, energy or mental clarity worse.

Weight gain isn’t just because of age or a calorie in or out problem, there are other root causes that are contributing to it.

Even a slow metabolism is a symptom of bigger root issues going on.

Even a slow metabolism is a symptom of bigger root issues going on.

So if we want a fast metabolism and to lose weight permanently we have to know what the root issues are and how to address them.

Does Metabolism Matter?

If you research about your metabolism online there are millions of search options, so I won’t dive too deep into it. But your metabolism is your body’s way of breaking down food and converting it to energy to use up or repair the body.

There are two main parts:

  1. Catabolism: This is kind of like the body’s recycling system. Its main role is to break down food and turn it into energy that our body can use. This process gives us the energy to do activities like running, playing sports, or even just thinking and studying.
  2. Anabolism: This is like the body’s construction crew. Its main role is to build and repair things in our body, such as muscles, organs, and cells. Just like how builders use bricks and cement to construct a house, anabolism uses nutrients as these smaller building blocks to create and repair body structures. Anabolism helps to take those nutrients and use them to grow taller, develop muscles, heal injuries, and keep your body strong and healthy.

In other words, our metabolism takes our food and helps us break it down, convert it to energy to use, and also builds up and repairs our body.

For many, they think that if their metabolism slows down they don’t burn energy as well and therefore store it.

Hence, why so many want to speed their metabolism up.

The metabolism is necessary to keep us alive, grow muscle, and utilize the energy from the food we eat in an effective way.

But alone does it cause us to gain weight? Let’s find out.

Flipping The Switch: How to reset your metabolism

Many times in the weight loss and fitness world our metabolism is often talked about or thought of as a switch that gets flipped on or off, or maybe turned back to a medium-low setting for some of us.

But it’s a bit more complex than that.

In fact, people who are overweight often have a faster metabolic rate than those who are not…crazy right!?

That’s because when you have more mass on your body you require more energy to function. Also, eating more speeds your metabolic rate up, and eating less slows it down.

So why can’t we just keep eating to lose weight then? I know that’s the question everyone asks.

One simple answer is that eventually, your body starts to store fat because you have too much energy coming from it. There is a threshold.

But just as important is because there are other root issues that contribute to fat storage and weight gain. And, no it’s not just because you’re getting older.

In fact, many of the thousands of clients I’ve worked with over the years are women who are 45 and older, and our average results are about 25 LBS in 6 weeks.

Age is not the problem and neither is being a woman or hormone changes.

Many people say it’s just about how much energy you eat and burn. Calories in vs calories out.

Sure, there is truth in that eating too much causes you to gain weight… but what you eat becomes more important than how much you eat.

Much like what you use to water your plants with is more important than how much.

You can’t get the right amount of liquid and use milk or gasoline expecting it to grow.

The key is to start understanding and addressing the real reason why our metabolism slows down and even more important addressing why we store fat in the first place.

If you fix why your body stores fat, the fat goes away. And in essence, you can flip the switch on your metabolism. But it’s not just one thing or switch, it’s often multiple things working together at the same time.

In part 2 I will be discussing the six root causes of why you gain weight and how you can address them for permanent weight loss.

Want to learn how you can optimize your metabolism to achieve your weight loss goals in 6-8 weeks? Click here to schedule your Free Metabolism Assessment.