It can be tempting to follow every diet that promises massive weight loss right away. Unfortunately, most of those diets force your body into survival mode. It helps you lose a few pounds at first but the weight comes back eventually. When learning how to lose weight quickly, you have to learn how to help your body heal. This will help it let go of fat without shocking it into survival mode. 

The best way to lose weight is to follow simple strategies that don’t involve stressing out your body. 

Strenuous exercise and food deprivation add stress to your system, causing hormone and blood sugar imbalances and inflammation. These four strategies will help you learn how to lose weight quickly without causing problems in your body.

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast: Stop Trying

No, really. We know it sounds counterintuitive but the best way to lose weight is to stop trying to lose weight. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to run wild binging whatever you want. It just means you need to stop trying to lose weight and start trying to get healthy. A healthy, well-nourished body will let go of fat instead of trying to hold onto it in order to store emergency energy. 

The key is to recognize the cause of your weight gain at its source. And what is that source?

Stress is the root cause of belly fat. What’s worse, fad diets and strenuous exercise add stress to the body instead of reducing it. 

When you trigger stress hormones, it causes your body to retain fat to store emergency energy. It can’t tell the difference between starving and dieting. You need to put your body at ease and let it release the fat. 

Eating Real Food is One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Shakes and diet food work for a short time but won’t work long-term. The only thing that works permanently is eating whole, natural foods. 

Processed foods interact poorly with your cells and can actually cause or worsen inflammation. Proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats are essential for boosting your metabolism and keeping your body functioning well. 

What matters is the content of your food. Different foods interact with your body in different ways. Natural foods will avoid triggering the survival switch that makes your body store fat. 

The chemicals in processed foods interact poorly with your cells, triggering inflammation and hormone imbalance. 

Fast Ways to Lose Weight: Stop Exercising and Drink Water

Yep, stop exercising. Most people think that pushing themselves harder in the gym is what will help them lose weight. It just puts more stress on your body. Humans are designed to store fat when they are in situations where they are starving or running for their life. 

Your body can’t tell the difference between a dangerous situation and strenuous exercise. Killing yourself in the gym triggers the emergency switch, releasing stress hormones. 

All in all, stress hormones are the main culprit for belly fat. Ease up on the exercise and give your body a break. 

Obviously, exercise isn’t inherently bad, it’s great for your heart and mental health. You just need to take it easy and give your systems a chance to heal.

When you do ease up on exercise, hit the water hard. Not only is your body mostly water, but you can’t metabolize fat without water. 

The first step of the process is called hydrolysis, which is water breaking fat’s chemical bonds. You have to have enough water and minerals in your system in order to burn fat. 

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