Trying to Lose Weight? Don’t Do These 5 Things


There are a lot of misleading, misunderstood, or false claims about weight loss techniques out there. This wrong information is responsible for a lot of disappointment when people try out different fad diets and weight loss programs. Trying to lose weight shouldn’t have to be a battle against misinformation. With the right knowledge and information, it’s possible to lose weight without crazy fads, counting calories, intense exercise, starving, shakes or pills.  Here are five things that you don’t actually need to do when trying to lose weight.

How To Lose Weight: What Not to Do

#1. Count Calories

Many diets will tell you that the key to weight loss is calories in-calories out. But “counting calories” in itself is not an effective way to lose weight. Instead of tracking your calories, you should focus on the kind of calories you eat and no that doesn’t mean tracking your macros. 

Your body breaks down different types of calories differently. Some foods are stored for energy, while other foods are stored as fat. For example, a handful of almonds and a regular-sized candy bar typically have the same amount of calories. But the processed sugars in the candy bar cause blood sugar imbalance and inflammation, which creates ima once and fat storage within your body. . A handful of almonds, however, helps regulate blood sugar and hormones, and doesn’t get stored as fat as easily.

#2 Exercise for Weight Loss

Let’s be clear: exercise can be, and often is, great if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. But exercising strictly for weight loss on its own is not the best idea. Exercise can help for many things , but is an inefficient way to lose weight. In some cases, it can even backfire. Intense  exercise can trigger stress in the body. This heightened stress can cause hormone imbalances and cause you to store fat make losing weight more difficult.

If you’re wondering how to lose weight with exercise, the answer is to first focus on nutrition and focus on the right kinds of exercise. . Exercise to try and burn as many calories as possible isn’t going to help. Focusing on things that are restorative to the body, create resistance for your muscle without long strenuous sessions is the key. Having less fat and losing the weight comes from nutrition. Having better muscle tone which comes from correct strength training helps maintain the fat loss.  

#3 Focus on  Out Sugar Entirely

Again, this is about moderation. If you eat processed sugary foods often without also adding other foods to your diet, you’ll struggle to lose weight. But there is no need to cut out these treats entirely when trying to lose weight. 

The mistake many people make, again, is that they believe all calories are the same. So, when they eat a lot of high-calorie “junk” foods, they will make up for it by skipping out on healthier meals. But this mentality is backward. As long as you are consuming good calories as well, your body will be able to burn off energy effectively.

#4 Drinking Shakes as Meal Replacements

A lot of diets these days promote shakes as meal replacements or pre-workout nutrition. But these are not real food, and should not replace your regular caloric intake. Most shakes only offer a very limited nutritional value, causing you to lose out on essential vitamins. Shakes also do not address the root cause of weight gain, meaning any positive results will only be temporary.

#5 Taking Weight Loss Pills or Fat Burners

Weight loss pills simply don’t work and can actually be harmful to your body. Weight loss pills cause hormonal imbalances which put additional stress on the body. This is actually a detriment to your body’s natural weight-loss processes. Even if they do burn fat, these supplements are not actually beneficial to weight loss or long-term health.

Lose Weight The Right Way

The best way to lose weight is not to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle. Instead, it is to focus on being healthy and eating the right foods, and burning off energy in a healthy manner. To learn more, book a free consultation with the Metabolism Reboot today.