Weight Loss Approaches Have it Backwards


After working with thousands of women, we have learned a lot about weight loss. In our experience, what we’ve noticed is that the general approach to weight loss has it all wrong. Weight loss doesn’t have to be nearly as hard or stressful as weight loss gurus and fad diets make it seem. These approaches fundamentally misunderstand the signals the body is sending out.

At The Metabolism Reboot, we have an analogy we like to use about weight loss and bodily health. Everyone knows that plants need liquid, sunlight, and soil. It’s common knowledge that water is the liquid necessary for survival and growth. When it comes to weight loss and human health, most diets focus on “how much” to eat rather than “what” to eat. If you fed a plant soda instead of water, it wouldn’t survive or thrive, no matter how much soda you gave it. 

This is the same for humans. If we only focus on how many calories we consume, we miss the point entirely. We must eat real, healthy foods in order to become healthy and ultimately lose weight. 

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Intense Dieting

The majority of people are overweight in the United States today. About 50% of people that try to lose weight have difficulties, and 90% to 95% gain it back. This is because we have approached weight loss backward.

Those that have struggled with their weight understand the feeling of frustration and hopelessness that can occur when nothing seems to work. Many women get stuck in a yo-yo pattern with diets and exercise. They lose weight, then put it back on, stuck in an endless loop. As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight with caloric deficits and intensive exercise. 

How to lose weight without exercise or intense dieting starts with a fundamental understanding of why people regain weight after losing it. The main cause of weight gain is not based on caloric intake or lack of extreme movement. While calories and a sedentary lifestyle can play a role, the main reason people gain weight is stress. 

When women starve themselves and partake in strenuous exercise, it actually places additional stress on the body. These stressors cause hormonal imbalances, blood sugar issues, and inflammation that lead to weight gain. While consuming less and exercising more may follow the general societal understanding of weight loss, it can actually encourage the body to protect itself. This protection comes in the form of storing fat in the body.  

The more we play the game of starvation and stressful exercise, the more the body works to defend itself. This causes us to become more insulin resistant, lose muscle, and our metabolism slows down. 

So even though we may see short-term results, keeping weight off becomes increasingly challenging. 


Weight loss approaches have it backwards… We be been trying to grow plants by focusing on how much liquid to use and not what kind of liquid. — With weight loss we’ve been focusing on how many calories to eat rather than what kinds of foods… which is far more important.

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Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss For Women  

Sustainable weight loss for women starts with the food you put in your body rather than how much you eat. Establishing a healthy diet filled with real, unprocessed foods is the key to long-term success. 

From there, when you eat during the day is also extremely important. Whether or not you snack all day, fast, or eat late at night will all have an impact on your weight. How much you eat is also important, but what you consume should be the main focus. 

The Metabolism Reboot: How We Can Help

Have you tried all the diets and trends only to feel dejected? Have you followed all the “rules” but still fail to keep the weight off? The Metabolism Reboot is designed to not only help you lose weight but to keep it off sustainably. Sustainable weight loss begins and ends with healthy eating and healthy habits. We will teach you how to treat your body so you never have to starve yourself again.

On average, our clients lose 20 to 45 pounds in 6 weeks. 90 to 95 percent of our clients are women over 40, many of which struggle with stress and hormone imbalances. We will work with you to build a healthy lifestyle that helps you shed fat and keep it off.

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