Weight Loss Progress: How She Lost 90 lbs in 7 Months


The science behind the Metabolism Reboot is simple and effective. Your body’s metabolism converts food into energy. If you eat real, nutritious food, burning fat becomes much easier. Because of that, weight loss becomes much easier.

But if you’re searching for real, effective weight loss progress, you probably want to see results, not just science lectures. And that’s the way it should be! If a weight loss program can’t demonstrate results, it’s probably not worth your time and energy.

At the Metabolism Reboot, we love sharing our clients’ results. For example, take a look at the weight loss progress of our client Kacie. She lost 90 pounds in just 7 months. That transformation was achieved without any crazy exercise routines or major dietary overhauls. The best weight loss programs focus on understanding your body’s science, and how what you put in impacts your health. To show how it works, here are some weight loss tips that Kacie followed, which you can try, too.

Understanding Metabolism: Weight Loss Tips

These weight loss tips are what keep our clients’ weight off sustainably and effectively.

Focus on Good “Real Foods” and Drinks

We eat food for a couple of reasons. One, it tastes great. But second, and more importantly, food is essential for giving our bodies energy. A lot of weight loss programs will push for drastic changes to your diet. They might put you on a highly restrictive diet or push for meal substitutes like shakes and supplements. But diets such as these are not great for sustainable weight loss. 

The best programs for losing pounds are the ones that set you up to simply live a healthier lifestyle. This way, the weight will stay off. That is the key to Metabolism Reboot for clients like Kacie. Our clients are encouraged to simply focus on eating real foods that can naturally boost metabolism. Foods like lean meats and fruits and vegetables, with no major restrictions or dietary changes necessary. 

Similarly, drinking plenty of water instead of sugary soft drinks is one of the healthiest decisions you can make. With these simple steps, you can start to see real results fast, and keep weight off for a long time.

Cut Back on Processed Foods

When you focus on eating healthy real foods, the trade-off will be consuming fewer processed foods. Processed foods, like fried foods and sugary snacks, are harder for your body to convert to energy. The calories from these foods tend to get stored in fat and stay there. By substituting processed foods for a healthier alternative each day, you can start to lose weight quickly.

Stay Active

The final basic key to progress like Kacie’s is to stay active. You don’t need to go to the gym every day or exhaust yourself with a crazy workout program. All it takes is about 30 minutes of moderate activity per day and you can start to see real results. 

Many Metabolism Reboot clients can lose weight simply by focusing on eating healthier foods by walking 30-40 minutes a day. Again, you don’t need to make any dramatic lifestyle changes to lose weight. All it takes is a few incremental changes that help you regain control of your body’s natural metabolism.

Before and After Losing Weight: Achieving Real Results

Kacie’s incredible weight loss journey is just one of many success stories that we’re proud of at the Metabolism Reboot. If you want to see more before and after weight loss progress testimonials, check out our success stories from real clients.

The Metabolism Reboot has already helped thousands of women, with our clients losing an average of 65 pounds. The success of our weight loss program is rooted in a simple understanding of how our bodies work. If you would like to learn more, set up a free consultation today.