Why Losing Weight Doesn’t Always Mean Getting Healthier


Did you know losing weight doesn’t actually make you healthier? It can, but it doesn’t always. If your goal is to lose weight and keep it off, your main focus should be on getting healthy. If you focus on what will improve your health rather than cutting pounds, you will lose weight naturally and effortlessly. 

Losing Weight Fast By Getting Healthy

After helping over 1,000 people lose weight over the last 4 years, we’ve learned the do’s and don’ts to healthy weight loss. On average, our clients lose 20 to 45 pounds in 6 weeks. They are able to achieve this without drinking shakes, counting calories or macros, starving the body, overexercising, or taking weight loss pills. Losing weight fast is not by overstressing the body with intense dieting techniques. It is by consuming healthy, real foods that create healthy change in the way the body operates.

We Don’t Count Your Calories

Calories and macros are not all the same, even though fad diet gurus will convince you that they are. If you’re consuming calories that are causing hormone imbalances, inflammation in the body, and blood sugar imbalance, you’re going to have very little success in your weightloss goals. 

Some diets can create short term weight loss results. However, if you aren’t eating real, nutrient dense food, your health will decline. A diet that diminishes your health is not sustainable. Without a sustainable plan, you will inevitably put the pounds back on and likely experience other adverse side effects. It’s not necessarily how much you’re eating that dictates your health and weight loss. It is WHAT you are eating that really matters.

No Shakes or Meal Replacements

Another red flag in other diet plans is drinking shakes or eating meal replacements. First and foremost, these aren’t real sources of food. While they may be fortified with vitamins and minerals, they’re synthetic and unhealthy in the long term. History has shown that as soon as you stop these sorts of diets, the weight will come right back. Many people that go this route tend to feel deficient, weak, and have fleeting results. 

No Weight Loss Pills, Stimulants, or Fat Burners

Another way to potentially lose weight is by taking weight loss pills, stimulants, or fat burners. In most cases, these supplements don’t actually work. Even when they do, they stress your body out and cause hormone imbalances. They can be hard on your heart, immune system, and metabolism. In the long run, your body will suffer and the fat will return when you put the pills down. 

Losing Weight Without Trying

The truest, safest, and healthiest method to weight loss is to eat lots of protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats and oils. By minimizing stressures on your body and embracing healthy eating, you’ll notice positive changes in your energy, sleep, and skin very quickly. Losing weight without trying is as easy as eating healthy, real foods.

Our main focus is to heal the body and fix the imbalances in order to promote natural weight loss. Most popular and trendy ideas around losing weight don’t actually work. And even when they do, they cause unwanted stress in your system, which is a bad recipe for long term weight loss. 

We zone in on the main causes of weight gain by tuning into the imbalances you’re experiencing. For most, excess stress is the main culprit. They cause your metabolism to slow down, cortisol levels to rise, inflammation to increase, blood sugar levels to become imbalanced, and they deplete nutrients. We’re here to help educate you and reach your goals.

Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

Let us help you lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. We’ll guide you through a diet plan that works for you. To learn more, book a free consultation with Metabolism Reboot today.