Why Nutrition Should Be Your Number One Focus in Losing Weight


Many people think that intense exercise is the key to weight loss. They believe that losing weight only comes from blood, sweat, and tears. Unfortunately, for those that are in the gym daily, research has debunked this idea. 

Losing weight after 40 can be particularly difficult. Keeping the weight off for good is often even harder. The truth is, exercise often doesn’t impact your weight in a significant way. Losing weight is about proper diet and nutrition. If you eat right, weight loss will follow.

What Is Keeping You From Losing Weight

Another myth about losing weight is that counting calories is vital. Traditional diets put a major focus on how much you’re eating rather than what you’re eating. Not all calories are the same. Don’t let strict diets and weight loss gurus tell you they are. 

Storing fat in the midsection is actually a survival mechanism. Your belly will store fat if it’s stressed and overwhelmed. This is why proper nutrition and real foods are so important. Real food reduces inflammation and assists in leveling out the hormones in your body. That means no shakes, meal replacements, or diet pills. Sticking to protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils should be the main focus for healthy weight loss.  

A proper, nutrition based diet relaxes and de-stresses the body, allowing it to let go of unnecessary fat. Remember, the fat in your midsection is there to protect you. If you are feeling chronically stressed without proper nutrition, you’re not going to lose weight. If your body is stressed, exercise and counting calories won’t help. 

The Imbalances In The Body Keeping You From Losing Weight Fast

  • Slow metabolism. This means the body burns fewer calories, causing it to store unwanted fat. Eating real foods and rebooting your metabolism are key to healthy weight loss.
  • High cortisol levels. This is the body’s stress hormone. If levels are high, it can be extremely difficult to lose weight. This can also lead to a number of other health concerns. 
  • Inflammation. There is a direct correlation between weight gain and inflammation in the gut. Healthy eating helps reduce inflammation and stress in the body.
  • Blood sugar imbalance. Whether you have low or high blood sugar, both can lead to weight gain. As long as your sugar levels are imbalanced, losing weight will be a challenge.
  • Depletion of nutritions. Without proper nutrition, your system can’t function properly. This can lead to many health conditions and keep your body from releasing fat.
  • Internal toxic stress. Chronic stress and poor diet is a recipe for disaster for your body. These factors will trigger your body to hold onto fat for protection. 

Losing Weight Without Trying

The truth is, you don’t need to starve yourself or spend endless hours on the treadmill to lose weight. You don’t need to take big pills or drink synthetic shakes. Depriving and overworking your body doesn’t yield the results you’re looking for. Shedding pounds after 40 doesn’t have to be exhausting. It can be an enjoyable journey into healthy living. 

By focusing on eating healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables, you don’t need to stress out over calories. Keeping a pure, clean diet can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and help you reach your weight loss goals. 

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