Why The Pros Say Women Should Eat Real Food When Diet Planning


You are faced with a plethora of decisions when choosing a weight loss plan. This can range from diet restrictions to workout routines. In addition, you may have been advised to follow a low-carb or low-fat diet. Truthfully, it is more important to eat real food. For many, starting a diet can feel overwhelming. Unfortunately, many individuals may give up on their weight loss journey before they even start.

However, there can be a simpler and more effective approach to weight loss. For Barbara, it was a program designed by The Metabolism Reboot. She lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. Typically, those who are committed to plans created by The Metabolism Reboot shed 20 to 45 pounds in 6 weeks. This is because they followed sustainable and realistic weight loss programs focused on eating real foods. 

Can I Still Eat Feel Good Foods?

For many, dieting can seem frightening as they think they must completely abandon their feel good foods. It should be noted that this isn’t necessarily true. Sure, if you want to remain completely strict with your diet you can cut out all cheat meals. However, for many, food can be comforting, especially after a tough day. Therefore, you can still eat feel good foods. In moderation, an occasional cheat meal with comfort foods can be worked into your weight loss plan. 

If you want a more health-conscious approach, you can substitute ingredients with healthier alternatives. You can substitute white pasta with whole wheat or quinoa pasta. Instead of red meats, you can try lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, or white fish. There are also vegetarian alternatives to popular dishes like lasagna or tacos. 

It is also important to eat slowly. By eating too fast, you can still have cravings for comfort foods. If consumed excessively, feel good foods can impede weight loss progress. Also, when you eat slowly, your stomach has time to signal to your brain that you are full.

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Here’s What You Should Know About Real Foods

To qualify as real food, it must be natural. Typically, this means foods that come from plants and animals. This will include meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. These types of foods usually contain high amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Usually, when eating real foods, you will meet your daily protein, carbohydrate, and fat requirements. 

Furthermore, real foods are not processed or pre-packaged. Generally, these types of foods will contain higher amounts of sugar, sodium, and cholesterol. In addition, they may contain dozens of unfamiliar chemicals and ingredients. 

By eating real foods, you are receiving proper nutrition and energy. A diet consisting of real foods can lead to healthier cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This can help prevent conditions such as heart disease and Type-2 diabetes. In addition, increased amounts of energy can help improve exercise routines. You may not feel as tired after working out.

Throughout her journey, Barbara focused on eating real food. This resulted in healthier and consistent weight loss. As stated in a Metabolism Reboot TikTok, she did not take any weight loss pills or start calorie counting. Barbara just focused on eating proper nutritious foods. 

This is How You Can Learn More

Barbara decided to start her weight loss journey and you can, too. You can make the first step by scheduling a call for a free consultation. By doing so, a customized weight loss program designed to meet your needs can be made. With help from The Metabolism Reboot, you can accomplish your weight loss goals in a healthy manner. We look forward to speaking with you!