Why Women Over 45 Tend to Struggle With Weight Loss


If you’re a woman over 45, you might have noticed that you are suddenly struggling with weight loss. The same diet and activities that you used to do simply don’t help keep weight off like they used to. If you’re in this position, don’t worry. This is perfectly normal, and you can still lose weight with a few simple adjustments.

The reason why women over 45 may be struggling with weight loss has to do with metabolism. Metabolism is the body’s natural process of converting food into energy. Our metabolism works more efficiently when we have less body fat and more lean muscle. 

The problem is not exactly that your metabolism changes as you get older. It’s that other bodily processes affect your metabolism, causing it to slow down. Here are some of the reasons why women over 45 might struggle with weight loss.

What Causes Weight Loss Struggles in Women Over 45?

Less Lean Muscle Mass

As we age, we naturally lose a bit of muscle mass. This makes it just a little bit harder for our bodies to burn energy. So even if your diet is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago, you might not be burning as many calories. This is more pronounced in women, as men tend to have more muscle mass.

More Abdominal Fat

Another natural occurrence for women as they age is a decrease in estrogen levels. This can have a wide range of effects on the body, including an increase in abdominal fat. This may not necessarily result in weight gain. However, the increased levels of abdominal fat can lead many women to feel as though they have gained weight.

Lower Activity Levels

Another thing that tends to happen as we age is that we become less active. Of course, activity levels vary from person to person. But, for one reason or another, most people tend to decrease activity levels as they reach their mid-40s and 50s. This is normal, and not specific to women. However, that decreased activity can cause us to gain weight. Activity is one of the keys to burning calories, so the less active we are, the fewer calories we burn. You should not try to overdo your exercise routine to make up for your weight loss struggles as you age. Instead, you should simply focus on continuing to get moderate exercise each day.

Need Fewer Calories

Last but not least, our bodies simply require fewer calories as we age. But this change in our bodies is not always obvious right away. Even if you eat a healthy diet with good calories, you might be consuming more calories than your body needs. Combined with the added struggles of burning calories, this can easily lead to weight gain. Simply cutting back on your caloric intake (especially processed foods) can quickly turn your weight gain around.

Weight Loss Programs for Women Over 45

If all of the above information has you feeling down, don’t worry! There are weight loss programs, like the Metabolism Reboot, that are specifically designed to help women in your situation.

Our weight loss program doesn’t rely on any crazy diets or dramatic lifestyle changes. Instead, we offer sensible, science-backed weight loss tips like eating real foods, drinking water, and moderate daily exercise. We won’t tell you that there are any “off-limits” foods, or that you need to follow a workout plan.
The Metabolism Reboot has already helped over 1000 women lose over 20,000 pounds. If you would like to lose weight permanently and stay healthy, contact us today. Or follow some of our client success stories to see real results from real people.