Many women are still struggling to lose weight even with a healthy diet. This is one of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients at The Metabolism Reboot. 

Dozens of women have tried every weight loss method under the sun. Many women have started cutting calories, going on fad diets, and trying different exercise regimens. And still, they’re left wondering why they’re not losing weight on a low calorie diet. 

After hundreds of failed attempts, many women are left discouraged and have given up trying to lose weight altogether. Luckily, there’s a better way.

I Eat Healthy, Why am I Not Losing Weight?

If you’re scratching your head wondering, “why am I not losing weight?” You’re not alone. This is a frustrating reality for millions of women 45 and up. The truth is, the answer is more complex than we realize. 

Nutrition is, of course, a critical component in weight loss. But it’s not the only component of weight loss. There are multiple contributing factors to chronic weight gain or the inability to lose excess fat. 

For women who store a lot of fat in their midsection, for instance, this is typically stress and hormone-related. 

Stress affects your hormonal health, slows your metabolism, and makes it challenging to release fat. Restricting calories and simply eating healthy is not the answer for an already-stressed body. 

There are two main reasons why eating healthy and cutting calories won’t help you lose weight.

Not Losing Weight? That’s Because Your Body Has a Set Point

Your Body’s Set Point

What many women don’t realize is that their body has a set point. In other words, a set point is a weight at which your body feels safe and comfortable. 

Due to high levels of stress, your body stores fat as a means of protection. Even if you’re eating real food, which is key, your body won’t feel safe enough to release fat. 

If there’s accumulated stress in your life, or you’re unintentionally adding more stress to your life, your body will react to that. Until your body feels safe enough to move away from its set point, you won’t lose weight.

Failure to Look at the Deeper Issue

Eating healthy is not enough to shift your body away from the set point. Weight loss is always about a deeper issue. Weight gain is merely a symptom of a bigger set of issues. 

Failure to address the root causes of weight gain is why so many women find themselves yo-yo dieting. We cannot simply slap a bandaid on the symptom, we must examine what’s beneath it.

I’m Working Out But Not Losing Weight

Another complaint we often hear is “I’m working out but not losing weight.” This is all too common, especially for women 45 and up. As stated previously, stress is a major reason why so many women can’t lose weight. If you’re:

  • Chronically stressed
  • Restricting calories
  • Not eating enough, but eating real food
  • Doing all the “right” things
  • Working out incessantly

…this likely means your body doesn’t feel safe enough to release its set point. Working out for an overly-stressed body is counterintuitive. Once you give your body the right nutrients, reset your metabolism, and start releasing weight, you can incorporate exercise. We work closely with our clients so that when they do exercise, their body is ready.

Reboot Your Metabolism and Change Your Life

If you find yourself at your wit’s end with one weight loss method after the next, you’re not alone. Get to the root cause of weight gain and reboot your metabolism. Our effective 11-week coaching program provides comprehensive support with outstanding results. Our clients lose an average of 20-45 lbs in 6 weeks’ time. 
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