We’re often told that if we want to lose weight, we need to transition into a caloric deficit. What we’re not taught, however, is that this variable has the propensity to place our body in a heightened state of stress. This makes it increasingly difficult to maintain our appetite. Extreme deficits in nutrition confuse our hormones, counteracting the weight loss goals we were hoping to achieve. 

Fortunately, this is exactly what the Metabolism Reboot strives to correct. By learning to support our health with nutrient-dense foods, balancing appetite can finally feel attainable. If you’re curious to learn how you can create a healthy appetite, balanced hormones, and steady metabolism, continue reading! 

Are Nutrient Dense Foods the Best Appetite Suppressant?

Rather than suppressing your appetite, try switching your habits! The secret to regulating hunger hormones and balancing your appetite is by eating nutrient-dense foods. This, instead of searching for the best appetite suppressant, is the best route for sustainable weight loss. 

By incorporating whole foods into our diet, we begin to satisfy, fuel, and enrich our health. Continue reading for four essential food groups that will help you make the switch! 

Four Food Tips for a Natural Suppressant

With whole, natural food sources, we have the power to balance hormones that regulate hunger. Some might even call whole foods a type of natural appetite suppressant. Here are four essential whole food groups for you to test out along the way!

  1. Protein: Satiates hormones, decreases hunger
  2. Vegetables: Provides the body with healthy vitamins and minerals, and moderates blood sugar, helping to balance cravings
  3. Fruit: Introduces natural sugars to the body so we avoid the craving for processed sugar and sweets, and avoid energy crashes
  4. Healthy Fats: Unsaturated fats are essential to our overall body function. These can include vegetable oils, nuts, fish, or avocados.

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