Diet food can be tricky, especially when packaged and processed options are marketed toward weight loss. In fact, many diet food products are branded as a type of alternative to unhealthy food cravings. 

Though these foods are advertised as healthier versions of our favorite meals, they may actually have a negative effect on our health goals. To learn more about health and weight loss nutrition, continue reading!

Diet Foods: Processed and Packaged Versus Whole and Nutritious

Grocery aisles are filled with convenient diet foods, but these options aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. By reading the fine print, we can learn that many diet foods are highly processed, and filled with harmful preservatives. 

In contrast, whole, natural foods provide the body with healthy, clean nutrients, and without processed preservatives. Switching from “diet” foods to whole food options elevates our health, boosts weight loss, and cuts out unhealthy additives. The solution to our health goals exists in choosing clean, natural food sources.

Enjoying Healthy Carbs Instead of Low Carb Diet Foods

While mainstream health fads tell us carbs are inherently bad, this isn’t exactly true. In fact, low carb diet foods may actually make it harder to reach our health goals. What we really need to look out for is the consumption of excess processed carbs and refined sugars. 

Unrefined carbs, on the other hand, are a healthy nutrient source that provides natural sugar and a clean energy boost. By consuming unrefined carbs, we avoid unnecessary spikes in blood sugar, energy crashes, and sporadic cravings. This way, carbs can be enjoyed while helping to sustain our energy levels one meal at a time!

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