When it comes to losing weight, your diet plays a large factor in your journey. A proper diet can help you lose weight in a healthy and effective way. This begs the question, which type of diet is more effective: eating low fat foods or low carb foods? While both can produce great results, the answer is pretty nuanced. You don’t have to go low carb or low fat to lose weight sustainably.

What Should I Know About Low Fat High Protein Foods?

Typically, low fat high protein foods will have less than 3 grams of fat per serving size. The purpose of this diet would be to limit intakes of saturated and trans fats. This could be quite effective for preventing heart disease or high cholesterol. 

You should avoid eating foods such as butter, cooking oils, full fat dairy, and large portions of red meat. Alternatively, you should eat fruits, vegetables, low to no fat dairy products, and lean meats and fish. Also, eating foods with high amounts of protein can assist you with muscle-building, as well as your metabolism.

What Should I Know About High Fat Low Carb Foods?

A low carb diet means limiting your intake of carbohydrates. This includes foods such as pasta, bread, sugary drinks, and starchy vegetables. With this diet, you should be eating healthier foods such as avocados, nuts, fruits, vegetables, beef, chicken, seafood, and dairy products. You don’t have to completely give up carbs, as there are whole-grain options for pasta, breads, and cereals. It is important to note that a low carb diet can help prevent Type-2 diabetes.

How The Metabolism Reboot Can Help

It takes more than just a fad diet to lose weight and live a healthy life. At The Metabolism Reboot, we can help you as you take those next steps. You can schedule a call for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!