Abstaining from, or cutting back on your daily intake of alcohol can have pleasing results. It makes sense, right? If you were to commit to no alcohol, you might notice some positive changes in your body, your mind, and yes, even your heart! Those who drink in excess (even just once a month) are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke.

Is a No Carb Alcohol Diet The Way to Go?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans have gone on record as saying that alcohol in moderation means up to one drink per day for women. Were you to drink even less, it certainly wouldn’t hurt! You can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer just by reducing your alcoholic consumption.

Try a No Calorie Alcohol Diet

When trying to lose weight, you want to focus on raising your metabolism by putting the right foods and drinks in your system. With alcoholic drinks comes many unwanted calories that pack on the pounds. 

Aside from helping with weight loss, the benefits of having no alcohol (or decreased alcohol) in your diet are too many to name! But for starters, when you cut it out of your daily or weekly routine, you are less at risk for liver disease. Some women who consume more than one alcoholic drink a day can have fatty changes in their liver. Most often, this can go unnoticed for years, until it’s too late. That’s when cirrhosis of the liver can rear its hateful head. 

Moderation is key! You’ll feel and look  so much better when you moderate (or abstain) from alcohol. Give it some time and you may even notice an increase in your cognitive abilities!

For more tips on how to stay dry and lose weight, I’ll be happy to help!