The leading cause of death in the world is heart disease. Sugar (among many other things) has been linked to heart disease as an often contributing factor. Those who maintain a no sugar diet may be less at risk for heart disease. They may also have a better chance of avoiding high blood pressure, diabetes, and certain cancers. But you don’t have to cut out sugar entirely to lose weight. Eat fewer foods that have processed sugar, such as cookies, cakes, etc. Refined (processed) sugar is a toxic compound that’s better left alone when possible.

You Don’t Have to Be on a Strict, No Sugar Diet 

At first glance, the no sugar diet might seem unappealing. No one wants to give up their favorite dessert. And to lose weight, you don’t have to. The key is choosing healthier alternatives. You don’t have to give up sugar cold turkey. Simply take baby steps away from processed desserts.  

Just as with any lifestyle change, you’ll want to start slow. It might be as simple as starting by eliminating one processed food per day. Over time, those omissions will add up. You should soon start to feel healthier and have a noticeable boost in your metabolism!

Is a No Carbs No Sugar Diet A Good Idea?

No, you don’t have to go on a no carbs no sugar diet to lose weight. However, removing processed sugar from your diet removes those unwanted calories. But what can you replace them with? You can still enjoy natural sugars that are in various fruits and starchy vegetables like corn, sweet potatoes, and peas. If it occurs naturally, it’s golden.

The more we put refined sugar in our bodies, the less grateful our bodies will be. Refined sugar is what makes you bloated, delivering all the wrong kinds of calories, and creating fat. But there’s nothing wrong with adding the right sugars to an already balanced, whole-food diet.

For more tips on losing weight without restriction, we are here to help.