If only there were some magic pill you could take that would cause your unwanted weight to disappear. Unfortunately, it’s never as cut and dry as that. Although there are a number of appetite suppressants on the market (many of which you can buy over the counter), should you take them? 

The Straight Cons of Taking Appetite Suppressant Pills

Our bodies crave food. Some more than others. It’s just a fact of life. But what happens when your body is still hungry after having just eaten? Do you rush to the cupboard to feed the beast within? How can you curtail that feeling?

Appetite suppressant pills are marketed as being able to curb hunger and help you lose weight. And they may, but often with an untold caveat. Studies have shown these drugs can help people lose about 5% of their body weight over the course of a year. However, the pills certainly don’t do the work alone. 

These positive changes are incurred when the individual taking the pill is also focused on living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition. So if you’re already doing that, your metabolism will speed up. That’s what we want to happen! 

Adding appetite suppressant pills to your health regimen is supplemental at best. And they also have detrimental long-term effects. They have a habit of spiking your metabolism and can send your body into a state of stress. Not only that, but many women over 40 taking these pills may see results in the short term. In most cases, they yo-yo back to their pre-suppressants weight.

How To Suppress Appetite When The Appetite Is Fierce

The point is not to learn how to suppress appetite. The things we advocate for instead of diet suppressant pills are simple. Eat healthy, reduce stress, get good sleep, and drink lots of water. 

Throw those pills away and let us know how it’s going. At the Metabolism reboot, we’re on your side through thick and thin!