Overall, drinking water is essential to our bodily function. In fact, our bodies are composed of over 50% water content! So, does drinking water help you lose weight? Let’s take a look at some of the facts. 

Continue reading to learn how water consumption can support our health and weight loss goals.

Does Drinking Water to Lose Weight Actually Work? 

Water has a wide variety of health benefits that support many essential functions. If you’re drinking water to lose weight, the Metabolism Reboot is here to help you understand how this habit kick-starts weight loss goals.

The reason water and weight loss go hand in hand is that our bodies thrive on hydration. If we operate in a chronically dehydrated state, we end up straining our ability to function. As a result, we experience constant lethargy, our energy levels plummet, and our cravings go haywire. 

Consistent hydration, however, balances our energy and hormones, allowing our bodies to function optimally. Hydration also helps our bodies to metabolize fat at a steady rate, stabilize cellular health, and detoxify impurities in the body. All in all, water is a key component in achieving weight loss milestones.

Make a Habit Out of Hydration: Drinking Water Before Bed 

For some of us, increasing water intake is easier said than done. Fortunately, this is where habit stacking comes into play, and it’s as simple as drinking water before bed. With habit stacking, you take a habit you want to improve, and integrate it into an already consistent routine or activity. 

As you get ready for a good night’s sleep, pour yourself some water and drink it before you settle in for the night. Soon, you’ll be associating hydration with your nightly agenda!

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