At the Metabolism Reboot, we want to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals without all the guesswork. So, when it comes to the keto diet, we’re here to tell you what you need to know!

Continue reading as we discuss the details of this type of diet and why it may not be optimal for weight loss.

Why A Keto Diet Plan May Not Be Right For You

For women over 40 looking to reach weight loss goals, gradually shifting health habits proves to be extremely effective. With this in mind, a keto diet plan may not be the right approach.

The ketogenic diet eliminates highly valuable nutrients like carbs, and structures eating within a specific window of time. These extreme shifts have the potential to shock the body, making it harder to accomplish our goals. This is why attempting Keto as a first approach may actually cause some women to gain weight rather than lose it. 

What is a Keto Diet? 

To understand what’s best for our health and wellness, it’s helpful to learn the details of diet trends before trying them. Like many clients, you may have recently asked yourself, what is a keto diet? Well, we’re here to clear things up!

The keto diet prioritizes a high-fat content, using this nutrient as a primary source of energy rather than carbs. In addition, those that abide by this diet only eat within a specific 8-hour window, fasting throughout the remaining portion of the day.

When we consider how these factors may shock the body, we’re able to recognize that gradual weight loss is ultimately more attainable and healthy. By creating healthy habits and eating whole foods, our bodies can sustain weight loss in a healthy, simple way!

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