It happens to the best of us. As we age, our bodies start to degrade in a number of ways. Among other things, we can expect symptoms like muscle loss after 40. It’s extremely common, and the scientific term for it is sarcopenia. Let’s explore why this happens and if there are ways to remedy it.

Help! I’m Experiencing a Loss of Muscle Mass!

The rate of decline in muscle mass is 3-8 percent per decade (after age 30). Once you hit the magic number of 60, that rate of decline is even higher. That’s why the elderly often can become frail and are susceptible to falls and injury. 

In women over 40, menopause symptoms may begin to arise along with a loss of muscle mass. Though there’s not a direct correlation between menopause and muscle mass loss, indirectly, the two may influence each other.

As women’s metabolism slows, they may see an increase in their body fat. Lack of energy and motivation may also become prevalent. All these factors can contribute to a more sedentary lifestyle, resulting in muscle loss. It’s normal to have these issues. It’s also normal to want to find solutions.

Fighting the Creeping Muscle Loss

The most obvious thing we can do to combat muscle loss is to live healthy. As is true with most things, eating healthy foods and partaking in light exercise can do wonders for our muscles. Staying active (or at the least, moderately active) won’t cease the aging process, but it will keep your body feeling fresh. 

By eating the right amounts of protein, our bodies will build and strengthen muscle mass. Vitamin D, and Omega 3 supplements (like fish oil) can also help. 

For more information on muscle loss after 40, and more tailored advice on how you can lose weight, let us know how we can help.