Women in their mid to late 40s are well aware of “the change” that is coming. As their bodies gradually shift into the next stage of life, there may also come some natural, unwanted side effects. Menopause weight loss might seem a daunting undertaking at first. However, with a little knowledge and help, any woman can continue through life with a healthy, thriving body.

What to Know About Post Menopause Weight Loss

At the end of a woman’s childbearing years, the body begins to use energy differently. An already lowered metabolism can slow even more. For this reason, post-menopausal women might find themselves gaining weight at a more rapid pace than ever. It happens. If it’s happened to you, there are some simple, crucial steps you can take toward shaving off those extra pounds. Post menopause weight loss is possible with the right tools and methods.

Weight Loss After Menopause is Not Impossible

There’s no magic trick here. Losing weight is never easy, but it can be made easier than we realize. It doesn’t take long hours in the gym or dietary restrictions. It takes the right nutrition and the right understanding of your metabolism. Losing weight after menopause is more than possible, and we see this reflected in our client’s successes.

First and foremost (and maybe more than ever), women over 45 should eat healthy on a regular basis. At this age, you shouldn’t necessarily be concerned with dieting. Now is the time to be living with a 100 percent healthy mindset. Don’t go in for fads that promise to help you lose weight fast. Instead, eat consistent meals of grains, vegetables, and lean proteins like fish and chicken. Additionally, exercising for half an hour a day, even if that’s as simple as a walk around the block, will benefit your metabolism. 

Get as much sleep as you can, drink lots of water, and let us know how we can help.