FAQs: What is Anabolism?

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When rebooting your metabolism, there are a few other -isms to be aware of. The first, catabolism, is a destructive process by which your body breaks down foods and turns them into either energy or fat. The opposite of catabolism, however, is anabolism. Let’s dive a little deeper.

Living the Anabolic Life

Anabolism bonds nutrients and cells together, forming complex structures that your body uses to repair structures or build new ones. It is a synthetic process that heals cuts, grows tissue, and strengthens muscle.

One example of anabolism is gluconeogenesis. When the liver and kidneys make glucose, they do so through anabolic means. The body simply knows how to do that so you don’t have to!

Catabolism vs Anabolism — Which is Better?

Neither process is better nor worse than the other. Rather, they both serve different functions in the body. 

When working to reboot your metabolism, your body will naturally utilize both catabolic and anabolic processes, just as it did before. Whether you’re eating healthy or not-so-healthy foods, the nutrients and sugars your body gets are both broken down (catabolism) and synthesized for later use (anabolism).

Through a sequence of amazing biochemical reactions, your body grows stronger as your healthy lifestyle improves. Think about it—which is better? Sitting on the couch and eating a bag of potato chips, or taking a walk around the block and eating an apple? Obviously, that’s a simplified statement. But sometimes, we have to remind ourselves that our body is our temple. And though it is a wondrous thing, you have to treat it well. Allow the catabolic and anabolic processes to work for you, not against you. This is the way to reboot your metabolism and feel good! 

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