Historically a program for serious athletes and bodybuilders, carb cycling has recently made its way into the general public’s consciousness. It is a way to cut body fat fast and replace it with muscle mass. But, just what is carb cycling? And might it work for you? 

The Intense World of Carb Cycling

First off, your body needs carbs, and a lot of them. Experts say you should get 50-55 percent of your daily calories just from carbohydrates. You should know that there are good foods and bad foods containing carbs. Beans, grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, in moderation, can be good for you. Not-so-good foods containing high carbs are found in processed foods like sugars and starches. Avoid these when you can!

When an athlete such as a long-distance runner trains for a marathon, they might benefit from carb cycling. Carbs break down into glucose which is a necessary fuel for your body. When you carb cycle, you go back and forth between high-carb days and low-carb days, depending on your level of physical activity. On days an athlete faces intense exercise sessions, their body naturally needs more fuel. Those would be bigger carb days than others. Hence, the high-end of the carb cycle. 

Doing the Carb Cycle Right

There’s a lot to consider when adding any supplemental program to your diet. For women over 40, we don’t recommend an intense exercise regimen when beginning a weight loss program. However, if you have met your ideal weight goal, and are ready to become a serious athlete, carb cycling might be right for you. Carb cycling is not recommended for women over 40, generally speaking. Instead, your body requires safety through nourishment.

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