In order to understand catabolism, we must first realize the potential of our metabolism. By making healthy choices in our diet and exercise, we can raise our metabolism, thereby promoting healthy digestion. When digestion occurs, catabolism is the breakdown of proteins and fats into useful nutrients like glucose.

Living the Catabolic Life

If your body isn’t getting proper nutrition, it will take the unhealthy foods’ poor components (like refined sugar) and store them. Then, this turns into fat. During this process, you can expect muscle breakdown as well. Catabolism is responsible for separating and deconstructing the good nutrients from the bad, transforming your body, basically, into what you eat.

Catabolizing Your Metabolism

You don’t need to know the exact science behind the catabolic process in order for it to work. It just works! All you really need to know is, if you are a woman over 40, your metabolism is naturally going to slow. But, you can take the right steps to turn it around! With the right tools, nutrition, water intake, and stress reduction, it’s possible to lose weight with ease.

To make the catabolizing process work for you, the same truths of living a healthy lifestyle hold: 

  • Eat healthy whole foods
  • Avoid sugars and processed foods
  • Drink lots of water
  • Consume good carbohydrates such as grains and vegetables
  • Get a good night’s sleep 

The best catabolic exercise, especially during the first phases of weight loss, is light walking. If your body is in an already-stressed state, you don’t want to add more stress on top of that. Avoid exercises that stress your cardiovascular system. Activities such as running, swimming, biking, and hiking can be incorporated once your body feels safe to do so. 

To reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle, we can help structure your weight loss goals today!