Are you satisfied with the new you? Have you reached your weight loss goal? Whether you’ve been losing weight fast or it’s been a slow, arduous haul to arrive at where you are now, congratulations! You’re in a good place!

However, some people wonder when it’s the right time to stop losing weight. Luckily, our bodies are smarter than we realize. Here’s what to keep in mind on your weight loss journey. 

When is The Right Time to Stop Losing Weight?

So, what now? Should you stabilize or keep going? Whatever you do, avoid the dreaded rebound! You’ve created a much healthier lifestyle for yourself. You feel better in your trimmed body, and it shows! Not to mention, you have more energy than you have in a long time. These are just a few of the exciting perks that come from successful weight loss.

If you’ve reached your ideal weight, feel energized, and feel healthier, you’re probably at the point of stabilization. Your metabolism is kicking in high gear. That’s your body praising you for your healthy choices!

The Slippery Slope of Losing Weight After 50

As we get older, when left unchecked, our metabolism naturally slows. Losing weight after 50 can sometimes feel like a push to the finish line.

Upon completion of a successful weight loss program, it may be all too easy to slip into our old eating habits. Heading back into that den of processed foods will not only slow your metabolism, but it will also bring it to a grinding halt.

Don’t panic! You can still stay healthy without a weight loss program! You’ve done the hard work already. It’s time to pull back just enough to maintain your current, ideal weight. Continue to eat nourishing whole foods. Stay motivated. Stay the course! And welcome to your best life!

If you would like further help on maintaining your current weight, or for more tips, let us know. We’re always happy to help.