Why Genetics Matters More for Weight Loss Than the Calories You Eat


When it comes to weight loss, genetics plays a key role. Many people believe that counting calories or dieting are the best ways to lose weight quickly and successfully. But here’s the thing: solely counting calories will never work. 

Understanding your genetic makeup and how to work with it is the best thing you can do to lose weight effectively and keep it off. 

Are you ready to lose weight but unsure how to begin? Here’s what you need to know!

How to Lose Weight: Genetics and More

Let’s talk about calorie counting. Here at The Metabolism Reboot, we like to say that calories are not created equal. Meaning, calories are information, but not always the best information for how to lose weight! 

Are you eating food that cues your genes to cause health concerns like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or a stroke? If so, it doesn’t actually matter how many calories you’re eating. This is because you’re still sending the same signals to your genetics. 

This is where understanding your genetic makeup comes in. In fact, it is fundamental when considering how to lose weight. 

A Deeper Look at Genetics

Everyone’s genetics differ. For example, some people may have a slow metabolism while others have a naturally faster one. Some may have some difficulty burning fat while others struggle to gain weight or maintain a target weight. There are also specific genes that impact appetite and food cravings. 

Knowing your body more deeply can help you tailor your daily routines and exercise to work with your body rather than against it. Moreover, an added bodily awareness leads to a more holistic, embodied way of approaching weight loss. 

The Best Way to Lose Weight Effectively

Taking an honest inventory of what our current culture promotes as the best way to lose weight can be very eye-opening. Suggestions like counting calories, dieting, tracking points, fasting, supplementing, constant exercising, or utilizing meal replacements come to mind. What none of these suggestions take into account is our genetics and how individual genetics affect these tactics.

When considering the best way to lose weight, there are many factors to keep in mind. In addition to genetics, some top elements include:

  • Eating real, whole foods
  • Staying hydrated
  • Eliminating stress
  • An adequate sleep schedule
  • Balancing hormones
  • Getting truly healthy
  • Ample water intake 

Understanding your genetic makeup will give you a better idea of what strategies could work best for you. Additionally, it’ll help you assess what isn’t working in your daily routine.

More on Diet and Whole Foods

Food is medicine! Eating food that supports your genetics in functioning properly is a vital way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Look to foods that reduce inflammation, balance your blood sugar, and work well with your genetics. 

Typically, the types of food that are helpful vary from person to person, as we all have different genetics. But, in general, here are some food groups to keep in mind that work well with most genetic makeups: 

  • Protein
  • Vegetables
  • Healthy fats
  • Fruits

Keeping these four food groups in mind is a great starting point for most people. From there, you’ll be able to find an individualized plan that works best for you and your body.

Ready to Find Balance?

Having a support system is the best way to lose weight successfully. Here at The Metabolism Reboot, we know that weight gain is a symptom of inflammation and imbalance in the body. 

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